Friday, June 27, 2008


We started our long haul down to southern Croatia. We decided to stop in Trogir, another very old city, this one that is basically an island connected by a short bridge to the mainland. We spent most of the day driving through the rugged and very unpopulated areas of central Croatia. This place is very mountainous and heavily wooded. It is easy to see how the Partisans hid in these mountains for the duration of WWII with this kind of terrain to hide in.

One of the great things we have found has been the seafood. Not all restaurants are created equal but we have had a couple very tasty meals.

Tomorrow we will reach Dubrovnik via Split were we will once again see more remnants of the Roman empire's colonization of this coastline. We'll spend two nights there before we head out to our next stop on the island of Korcula.

We are hijacking our connection to the internet today so this is a short update until we have another place to link up.



Mansfield Guthrie said...
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Mansfield Guthrie said...

Sounds exciting! All is well here at the outpost! We've very excited that we pulled off Peggy surprise with the sarjeant-green family. oooxxxs