Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hitting the ground falling

It's day one of our newest family adventure. Travelling together again - this time to the exotic Dalmatian coastline of Croatia for two weeks of sightseeing and rest (we hope).

Our flights were a bit on the tortuous side. The no-frills treatment on US Airways was definitely that - no snacks, no sleep, no seats that have those nice little headrests that let you lean to the side and try to sleep. After a 5 hour and then a 7 hour flight, we landed in Munich, jumped in the rental car and zipped down to Austria at 90 mph. We nearly had a major glitch in our plans when we found out that Budget doesn't allow you to take a rental car to Croatia (car theft issues) so had to switch to a different European based car company (SIXT). Fortunately, they are not Croato-phobic so we now have wheels.

We took a short drive today through several small villages and walked around in order to stay awake. Just as when we left Europe 15 years ago, it still has it's idyllic scenary and beautiful blend of farms, mountains and bustling towns.

Back tomorrow after a few more neurons are connected with sleep.



Lynette Zelis said...

Loved hearing about your day in Salzburg. We were there a few years ago with the kids - nice memories.
Look forward to seeing and hearing about Croatia.

jorge said...

Mike: excellent to read your story. And the photos are stunning!