Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Color of Blue

This is our last day in Lombarda, the sleepy village on Korcula where we have stayed the last 5 days. It has been brilliantly sunny, warm (very warm) and we find ourselves sleeping in way past our normal workday patterns. I think this is called relaxing.

We drove the island's length yesterday in search of a beach and to see the sights of this mountainous Adriatic island. We were greeted with views of villages nestled along steep, terraced hillsides, high winding roads overlooking the narrow island and the deep blue sea beyond that faded into the blue skies. Peg and I both have been struck by the overwhelming sense of "blueness". Deep blue skies, varying shades of turquoise, dark blue and light blue water, and even blue doors on an old farmer's stone outbuilding are some of the ways we have been struck by the color that dominates this landscape.

Every afternoon has turned into a rocky beach swim, and the evenings of late have been music night at the town square across the small bay in front of our place. Traditional music and dance has filled the evening air until about 11 PM every night since July 1st.

Alas, it comes to a close. Tomorrow we take the early ferry off the island and begin our long drive back to Germany. It has been a great family adventure and more importantly, a great time being together before our oldest heads off to college. We treasure the time we have had this trip which will be the last one as a family with kids - the next will be as a family with at least one adult kid and who knows when that will be.

Do Videnja!

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